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  • Coaches will be responsible for monitoring their teams to help maintain proper social distancing. (this is important to KEEP our parks open!)
  • At Brickyard Park - Tents will not be allowed on the terrace, or paved areas; especially behind backstops. Tent spaces will be marked along the outfield fences. Once those spaces are filled, no other tents will be allowed to setup.
  • At Winged Deer - Tents will only be allowed past the dugouts on each field. Not allowed on immediate concourse area. Front row of bleachers reserved for team members. Bleachers and fence rows marked 6ft apart. Social Distancing is required and enforced by tournament organizers. All communications on the field should occur 6ft apart.
  • The managers meeting at home plate shall be limited to the 2 team managers (one from each team) and 2 umpires. No assistant coaches or players at the plate meeting.
  • No huddles. Players/Coaches that gather at the circle should maintain proper social distancing.
  • Players are not allowed to leave dugout area to congratulate players when scoring or after home runs.
  • Dugout personnel shall consist of essential team personnel ONLY. No bat boy/girls. Just active rostered, uniformed team players and up to 4 adults/coaches/scorekeeper.
  • After each game, in lieu of handshakes, each team shall line up on their respective baseline and acknowledge “good game” to the other team.
  • Teams and spectators should give plenty of space between teams and spectators who just finished their game and leaving their dugout and sitting area.
  • Umpire to umpire and coach to umpire interaction must be 6 feet apart.
  • Recommended for lineup cards exchanged team to team and teams to scorekeeper to be shared via photo text.
  • Teams will be responsible for cleaning and sanitizing dugouts before and after each game. Supplies will be provided and must be left in the dugout. Please DO NOT remove cleaning supplies from dugout!
  • Team MUST remove ALL TRASH after each game!!
  • No sunflower seeds.
  • Spectators need to plan ahead and bring their own seating and maintain “social distancing” of 6 feet between families up and down the fence line from the dugout to the foul poles. If using a tent, please restrict the tent to family members only and space such tents a minimum of 6 feet apart. Some parks may not allow or will limit number of tents, so please respectfully follow their guidelines.
  • Players should plan ahead and bring their own personal cooler instead of using a team cooler.
  • All players must be supervised at all times when expanding the dugout.
  • Parents should supply their players with antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer for disinfecting equipment and cleaning hands between innings.
  • Players may wear any Personal Protection Equipment deemed necessary by their parents as long as such items do not compromise the safety of any and all participants in the game.
  • Cloth masks are recommended but not required. If teams choose to wear cloth masks, they should be one color (a neutral color), with no design, and not distracting.
  • Any person who is experiencing symptoms of sickness will be prohibited from attending the event/venue of play. Please use common sense!

Other guidelines may be required at each specific park.  PLEASE be respective of each parks’ guidelines and follow them! Anyone not adhering to the required guidelines may be asked to leave the park!

Let’s use common sense, courtesy and help keep our parks open & our kids playing ball!